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Countdown to NaNoWriMo – Let the Weirdness Begin

Whenever I start a new project, I get weird. I don’t understand why. And don’t tell me to get therapy – it didn’t help.

The NaNoWriMo crowd claims, “No plot? No problem,” but November begins in 10 days, and for me, the weirdness is already setting in. I’m myself questions, such as:

“Which character profile worksheet should I use?”

“What outlining plan works best?”

“What about world-building? Holly Lisle’s method? Or does Jill Williamson have a better plan?”

“What plotting method is best – Snowflake, Hero’s Journey, 3 Act-9 Block-27 Chapters?”

“Which craft books should I read – Donald Maas, James Scott Bell, Jeff Gerke?”

This is why I don’t write fiction. Whenever I write a blog post, I choose a topic, perhaps do a bit of research, then I sit down and type. Boom – it’s done.

I would say I’ve failed at completing NaNoWriMo more times than I can count, but NaNoWriMo only started about 15 or 16 years ago, and I can count that high. Besides, I’ve skipped a few years because, well, because I just get too weird about it.

Why put myself through such weirdness? I love writing fiction! I don’t finish it, but I love wandering through worlds that exist only in my mind (and my notes). I love meeting new people, and characters are people, right? Even if I’ve only jotted down the bare bones facts about them. And plots – my favorite! Don’t get me started on how much I love plotting.

I also love reading books on the craft of fiction writing. I probably read more about writing than I actually write.

Even though I’m already feeling weird about starting this project, I’m excited about it. I’ve registered at (username is lindafulkerson – add me to your buddy list & I’ll add you back!), recruited some accountability partners, brainstormed some characters, outlined a plot, created a world, and typed up 7 pages worth of notes from voice notes or scribbled Post-Its. I’m ready!

What about you? Are you participating in NaNoWriMo? Please tell me it makes you weird, too!

Announcing – DLF Digital Services

DLF Digital Services

I’ve recently launched a digital services and marketing agency – DLF Digital Services. I wanted to invite all my friends here to visit the site and, if you’d like to sign up for free blog updates while you’re there, we’ll be sharing information about how to market your services, your products, and yourself online. I’m also preparing to launch a podcast that will also share marketing tips, industry news, etc.

There’s also a FREE gift waiting for you over at DLF Digital Services – the FREE Small Business Marketing Guide. Head on over, browse around and see if you need any of the services we provide, and grab your copy of the free marketing guide while you’re there.

Have a very merry Christmas and a blessed and prosperous new year!

Wandering Along

I’ve wandered down many paths in life. Sometimes I was lost. Sometimes I was wandering. Many times I was lost in wonder.

Photo Notes: This pic was taken when my daughter took a trip up the East Coast in 2009. Mount Vernon was one of our favorite stops, and this pic is one of the favorites from my Mount Vernon shots.