8 Reasons to Market with a Blog

Marketing with a BlogHere are eight reasons to use your blog as your primary marketing tool:

1. Expands your outreach

Sears & Roebuck revolutionized shopping by perfecting catalog ordering and shipping. The Internet has taken that concept a step further through the ability to instantly access content and download information products

2. Speaks directly to audience

Even major corporations have taken up blogging in order to put a human touch to their customer service and marketing efforts. For authors and other small business owners, a blog can be a great way to build a trust relationship with your prospects.

3. Easy to set up & maintain

Gone are the days where one needed an array of expensive software or advanced technical training to set up and maintain a blog. Current blogging platforms are easy to manage and can be up and running within a short period of time.

4. Blogs level the playing field

This is a huge difference-maker for small businesses. You can easily optimize your website to reach your target audience, no matter where they live. Plus, you won’t need a large marketing budget to do so.

5. Great branding tool

For personal businesses, such as writers, speakers, and artists, it’s easy to promote your brand through your blog’s content.

6. Establish yourself as an expert

One of the best aspects of blogging is the ability to share your expertise with others. This builds relationships and trust within your target market. And when it’s time for your readers to make a purchasing decision, guess who they’ll seek out?

7. Fresh & exciting

Blogs are designed to be updated regularly. Fresh content is not only appealing and helpful to your readers, it boosts your search engine visibility.

8. Affordable

Today the cost of blogging ranges anywhere from free to a few dollars per month, making a blog by far your best marketing tool.

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