The purpose of this site:

My goal as a speaker, author, podcaster and blogger is to help motivated but overwhelmed writers and speakers learn to market their work so they can make a living from their writing/speaking.

A bit about my professional experience that helps:

  • Owner DLF Digital Services (consulting, marketing training, web development & social media management) – 2 years (current)
  • Director of Digital Services for large media group – 2 years
  • Founder of the popular instructional blog: On Blogging Well
  • Office manager for non-profit -12 years
  • Small business management – 10+ years
  • USMC Division Training Manager  – 5 years (9 years total active duty time)
  • Newspaper Copy-editor – 2 years
  • Newspaper Sports Writer – 2 years
  • Freelance Writer – 10 years
  • Magazine Staff Writer – 3 years
  • Author of two “book books” and several eBooks
  • Small Press Owner – 3 years

What will you find on my site?

The short answer is – lots of free (and some paid) training content on marketing, blogging, writing geared toward authors, speakers and small business owners.

(Note: If you prefer to view a video walk-through of my site, click HERE to watch it.)

On the Home Page

You’ll see a link to the video I just mentioned (the New Here? Start Here? box). Under the main header image is a quick link to a FREE e-course “Introduction to WordPress.” It gives step-by-step instructions on how to set up a self-hosted WordPress website. It contains a lot of useful information, including a cool trick about creating custom widgets that can save you tons of time! (Note: This is a course I produced myself, but some of the courses on this site are high-quality courses I’ve purchased the rights to use, even though I’m not the one who created the content in them.)

Next you can grab a copy of my FREE eBook – 12 Must-Haves for Author/Speaker Websites. I’ve been creating websites since 1999, and this list of 12 items are things I’ve learned that can make or break the marketing success of a site. It’s yours as a free instant download when you subscribe to my email list. Oh, and the list itself is a pretty good deal, because you’ll get even more (exclusive!) training plus information about special offers that can help you grow your author/speaker platform.

Then you’ll find a link that tells how you can work with me one-on-one through my coaching program.

After a portfolio of the most recent blog posts, you’ll see links to a lot of places we can connect online. Pick your favorite social platform(s) and follow/like/subscribe to/connect with me so we can get to know each other better.

Main Navigation:

The proverbial “Home Page” link, followed by a link to this (About) page. Under the about tab, you’ll find a link that shares an essay I wrote about my life (once upon a time . . .), links to some of my presentation slides, a gallery of screenshots for some of the client sites I’ve built, a list of services I offer, testimonials from some of the amazing people I’ve worked with in the past, and a selection of videos from my YouTube channel.

The next tab – Resources – has dropdown links to articles, blog series, links to resource sites and the monthly Featured Freebie. You won’t want to miss that!) The most recent Freebie on the list is the current one, but I leave the former freebies where you can view them, because when I archive a Featured Freebie at the end of the month – I don’t delete it, I move it over to the Premium Member area.

The Courses link shares all the courses currently available on my site. I always have at least one course in work, so check back often so you don’t miss any. Or better yet, subscribe to my email list (and get that FREE eBook) and you’ll get a notification every time I publish a new course.

I love speaking at events for writers, speakers & small business owners. I’ve presented at large conferences as well as university lectures, but some of my most memorable events have been where I’m able to connect with a small group of motivated individuals, so don’t think your event is too small to invite me to join you. Complete the form and we’ll get together about the details.

Here’s a link to learn more about my one-on-one coaching program.

Top Menu Links:

The top menu shares links to my Premium Members area. If you hover over that tab, you’ll see a link to a portfolio of some of the content contained in the premium member area. I add at least one new item per week, plus there are also coupon codes for some of the paid e-courses, too. If you’d like to give it a try, there’s a one-week trial period for just $1. After that, membership dues are only $10/month.

Next you’ll see a link to the online store. It has a variety of marketing and/or writing-related products.

When you’re logging into the site, click the My Profile tab to display your user information as well as any courses you’ve enrolled in. There’s a little “edit” link on this page, which will give you even more information and allow you to update your profile, if you’d like.

The Podcast link currently goes to my Marketing for Christian Writers podcast show notes, but I’m working on setting up a new podcast for this site, so that link will likely change soon.

Next you’ll see a link to my books, including my FREE eBook: 12 Must-Haves for Author/Speaker Websites.

The support tab links to my help desk. If you have any technical issues with courses, downloads, the premium member area, etc., simply click on this tab and submit a support ticket and we’ll resolve your issue as soon as possible. You can also reach my support system by going to LindasHelpDesk.com.

Finally, the last link in the upper menu goes to my Contact Page. There’s a form on that page you can use if you have any comments, non-support related questions, or if you just want to say hi.

Footer Contents:

A search bar, list of the most recent courses added, my latest tweet, and all the legal mumbo jumbo we’re supposed to put on our sites.


The sidebar contains two forms – the first will get you that FREE eBook I mentioned earlier as well as sign you up for continued email training. And the second form subscribes you to my blog via email. It’s also free.

Whew! That’s a LOT of stuff! But I hope you find it all helpful.

If there’s a particular point in marketing you’re struggling with, send me a note via the Contact Page and ask me to blog about it. If I can help with the area you need help with, I’ll do my best!